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Clean-Up Week Chases Dirt

Clean-Up Week Chases Dirt Event Button Museum
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Clean-Up Week Chases Dirt button back Event Button Museum
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Clean-up Week Chases Dirt The Symbol of Healthful Cleanliness
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Blue, white and red illustration of the Dutch Girl character holding a stick with blue text on a yellow background

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Old Dutch Cleanser was developed by the Cudahy Packing Co. of Chicago in 1905. Being meatpackers, they were looking for a soap product to use excess animal fat, and they created a scouring cleanser by combining soap with pumice. Their trademark was a little Dutch woman in a blue dress chasing away the dirt with her stick. Around 1926, their advertising started using the tagline, “The symbol of healthful cleanliness.” At the same time, “Clean-Up Week” became a fairly popular trend to promote civic engagement and business development. People would pitch in to do civic improvement projects, and individual businesses would do essentially a spring cleaning. Many found that this actually improved business. Scanning historic newspapers found many Clean UP Weeks with Old Dutch Cleanser on sale between 1927-1934. This button is most likely a promotion from one of them.

Cudahy sold Old Dutch to Purex bleach in 1955, and the name is currently owned by Lavo in Montreal. Old Dutch Cleanser also lives as a pop culture reference. It was thrown about the bathroom in a scene from the 1981 camp classic film Mommie Dearest.

For another style of Old Dutch Cleanser Clean-Up Week button, see item ID CA0538.


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