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Text on Button Clinic Do It!
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Illustration of a Sphinx with the words "Do It!" in a speech bubble next to a Pyramid. White text is at the top with a red drop shadow on a blue sky background. 

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The English post-punk revival/noise band, Clinic, was signed to Domino Records in 1999. The band is originally from Liverpool and is known for their strange chord progressions. The band is comprised of four members: Adrian “Ade” Blackburn who sings and plays guitar, keyboard and melodica; Brian Campbell who plays bass guitar and flute and sings backing vocals; Jonathan “Hartley” Hartley who plays guitar, keyboards, and clarinet; and Carl Turney who plays drums and piano and sings backing vocals. “Do It!” is the fifth album of the band and was released in April of 2008. The single that was released in conjunction with “Do It!” was “Free Not Free.” The song was perceived as being uncharacteristically mellow and subdued compared to their other songs.

This button was manufactured by the Busy Beaver Button Co.

Catalog ID MU0143