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Text on Button cCc Coal Cracker BOOSTER Club 1968 SHAMOKIN- COAL TOWNSHIP JUNE 28-29-30
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This button was sold as part of a fundraiser/promotion for an event hosted by the Coal Cracker Booster Club (CCC). The Coal Cracker Booster Club was designed to be a group of civic-minded individuals who were devoted to continuing the annual observance of the role anthracite coal played in the development of the Shamokin area. Students/alumni of Shamokin high school are called 'Coal Crackers' and the name is a common colloquial for residents. Shamokin, PA (founded 1864) and its sister community, Coal Township, PA were founded and functioned as coal mining towns fo rmuch of their existence. Shamokin was made famous for the huge rush of Anthracite coal mining it felt early on,  the novel "Muder at Hickory Ridge" and, having the 'world's largest man-man mountain' - the Glen Burn Colliery Cameron Culm Bank.

The CCC involved event on June, 28th, 29th, and 30th (as seen on the button) was the annual 'Anthracite Days' which started as a one day event in 1964. The 1968 'Anthracite Days' featured street dancing, the Anthratones Barbershop Chorus, a huge celebratory parade, a fireworks display, a performance by the Holy Cross High School Band, and much more!

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