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Released in 1985, Cocoon is a science fiction film that delivers a comedic and dramatic account of aliens, romance, a human retirement home, and the fountain of youth in a backyard swimming pool next door. An alien race known as Antareans had inhabited a portion of Earth thousands of years ago in a place called Atlantis, but after it was claimed by the ocean, only twenty of their people survived by being safely encapsulated in cocoons. The Antareans come back to Earth to retrieve their kin but must first replenish the cocoons and the Antareans inside with life force before they can safely make the journey home. The romantic story of a human and an Antarean and the hilarity of the residents of the retirement home next door who discover the pool of life energy ensue, leading to the close of a film that won two Academy Awards, was nominated for seven Saturn Awards, and was recognized by the American Film Institute more than two decades later on two of their AFI lists.


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