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Illustration of a white eagle flying across the inner circle of the button with a wing depicted as the American flag on a blue sky background with two stars and an illustartion of a space shuttle. This is in the center of the button with a thin white ring around it followed by a thicker grey ring and a thicker white outer ring.

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Columbia STS-2 was the official name of the second mission attempted by NASA's space shuttle program as well as the second voyage of the Columbia space shuttle. The operation began on November 12, 1981 and ended on November 14, 1981.The mission was originally supposed to last 5 days, but was shortened to 2 days due to the failure of a fuel cell. The name of the commander of the mission was Joseph H. Engle, while the Pilot was Richard H. Truly. The space shuttle orbited the earth approximately 37 times during which the astronauts conducted scientific experiments.

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