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Text on Button For President - Coolidge, Vice-President - Dawes
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Side-by-side black and white photographs of President Calvin Coolidge and Vice-President Charles Dawes in jugate style.  

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The Whitehead & Hoag Co.  Buttons, Badges, Novelties and Signs.  Union Bug.  Newark, N.J.

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Soft spoken and at times reclusive, Calvin Coolidge ascended to the presidency after Warren G. Harding's untimely death in 1923. When "Silent Cal" addressed Congress on December 6th, 1923, his speech was the first presidential address to be broadcast over the radio. Initially, Americans did not know what to make of Coolidge, but he won the Republican presidential nomination in June, 1924 with former brigadier general, Charles Dawes, nominated as his vice president. His opponents in the 1924 election, Democrats John Davis and Charles Bryan, lost by a wide margin. Coolidge and Dawes carried every northern and western state except Wisconsin. 

Coolidge suffered a personal tragedy on the campaign trail when he son unexpectedly died. Coolidge withdrew, and did not seek another term as president after his 1924 victory. Coolidge lived out his remaining years in Northampton, Massachusetts. He died in early 1933 of coronary thrombosis. 

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