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The Crepes-Plus pan began sales by the Ekco Flint company in 1975. It was made of stainless steel inside and out for easy clean up. The pan was displayed as being flipped over to heat up so that the wide-open lip of the pan was face down over the eye of the stove. Then the cook would flip the pan to dip the bottom in crepe batter, then flip it back over so that the open lip would face down over the eye and what is usually considered the “bottom” of a pan is on top cooking the crepe. Then, once it was cooked, you would flip it over to put your crepe on a plate. The Crepes-Plus pan was titled the “everything pan” and was advertised as being useful for cooking other things besides crepes with the pan the usual side up. The 7-inch crepes plus pan cost $6.99, and the 8-inch size pan was $8.99.


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