Culbertson, Montana 75th Jubilee

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Text on Button CULBERTSON, MONTANA 75th JUBILEE JUNE 1-2-3 1887 1962
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White text and a white illustration of a diamond shape with lines emanating along the bottom with a diamond like gem in the center for the button

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This button commemorates the 75th Diamond Jubilee of the establishment of the town of Culbertson, Montana. The celebration activities took place from June 1- 3,1962. The expansion of the Great Northern Railroad led to the creation of the town in June 1887. The town was named for Major Alexander Culbertson who was the Clerk of Fort Union and the former head of the American Fur Company at Fort Union. The military posts along the Missouri River required horses to supply their cavalry units so the primary occupation of the townspeople was horse ranching. When cattle prices rose, cattle ranching took over as the predominant way of life. The Homestead laws of 1909 saw the arrival of homesteaders who increased the area’s farming output. For decades, the combination of successful harvests and the railroad served to make Culbertson a leading agricultural trading center of the area. After World War II, Culbertson saw a decline in both businesses and population. Today the town is home to an estimated 815 residents.

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