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Illustration of a Dalmatian standing on grass in front of a yellow and blue background.

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Known for their distinct coats, dalmatians are perhaps one of the most recognizable breeds on Earth. Though their origins remain unknown, the breed is known to have originally served to run alongside carriages, helping ward off highwaymen and other animals. The breed has served other uses in its long history, with examples being as guard dogs, circus dogs, and in more modern times, as firehouse dogs. The United States, in particular, has utilized the breed in this capacity. dalmatians have assisted in watching over equipment during fires and sometimes even rescuing people in distress. Though they have been used in a number of positions, the breed is just as popular as a house companion.

This button is part of a larger set of 35 buttons, each with an illustration of a different dog breed. They were originally sold on a 6” x 9” cardboard sheet.

Catalog ID AR0303