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Darn Dandruff

Darn Dandruff Social Lubricators Button Museum
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Darn Dandruff button back Social Lubricators Button Museum
Weird-O's Monster Buttons Bubblegum Machine Card
Weird-O's Monster Button Set
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A shriveled and deformed face with long blonde hair that is getting brushed with text centered below it on a red background with dandruff particles.

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This button is one of many in a series of "Weird-O's" monster buttons created for distribution in bubblegum machines by the Green Duck Button Company in the 1960s. While this one features a shriveled-up shrunken head, other buttons in the series featured such classic monsters as Frankenstein, the Mummy, Dracula, and Wolfman -- all sporting equally humorous and pun-laden quotes.

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