De Paul Blue Demons

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Text on Button De Paul - Blue Demons
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A red, white and blue button with a blue demon sitting on top of a basketball net. His tail trails down and appears to point to the words "Blue Demons" which is on bottom of the button, displayed across the net.

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De Paul's Blue Demons are one of seven teams in the Chicago area that are in NCAA Division 1.  Located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, they play home games at the Allstate Arena.  

In 1907 when St. Vincent’s College became DePaul University, the sports teams wore red uniforms with large ‘D’s on the front. During a game, in the early 1900s, an announcer referred to the players as the “D-men”. This name stuck with the team and evolved into the Demon we have today. The ‘blue’ component is thought to have developed from the attempt to distinguish the players from DePaul University from those of the DePaul Academy (a high school a part of the University at the time). It was for this reason that the Academy took to wearing blue uniforms with red ‘D’s and the University adopted red uniforms with blue ‘D’s; thus solidifying their title as the Blue ‘D’-men or what we know them as today: The DePaul Blue Demons!

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