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Deer Park Brewing Company

Deer Park Brewing Company Beer Button Museum
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Deer Park Brewing Company button back Beer Button Museum
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Illustration of a deer with antlers in the center, with black text on a white background

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(union bug)

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Port Jervis, New York was an important railway hub which made it an ideal site for a brewery. The Deer Park Brewing Company was established in 1899 by George Ott of Philadelphia. The brewery was well known and successful until its closure in 1922 due to prohibition. During prohibition, the brewery was sold for cash. When prohibition was repealed, the new owners reorganized the company calling it Deerpark Breweries Inc. and the location operated under that name until 1942. Although the location is no longer a brewery, the original brick and steel gates still function for the site's new role as the town's water reservoir. The beer aging caverns still exist as well, sealed off decades ago, but still visible from the outside.


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