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Destroy Corporate Rock

Destroy Corporate Rock Cause Button Museum
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Destroy Corporate Rock button back Cause Button Museum
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destroy corporate rock 1190 am
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Red text and a red flower shape on a black background

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KVCU AM 1190, more commonly known as Radio 1190, is an independent, non-profit college radio station based in Boulder, Colorado. Rock music dominated college radio airwaves in 1998 when Radio 1190 first began broadcasting from the basement of the University of Colorado Boulder’s student center. Many college radio stations in the 1990s were influenced by the anti-corporate ethos championed by independent rock record labels at the time. Slogans like “Destroy Corporate Rock”, which was likely created by American independent record label SST sometime in the later-half of the 1990s, were adopted by college rock radio stations to help establish their commitment to providing listeners with an alternative to the corporate rock music offered by commercial radio.

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