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Photograph of Devo band members with distinctive red hats and red and white jumpsuits on a black background.  

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The American new wave band Devo is known for wearing red, terraced, energy dome hats as part of their stage outfits. Although over the years the group has appeared with the dome in various colors, it is usually red. The domes were custom made for the band, and first worn during their Freedom of Choice campaign in 1980.  Devo was formed in 1973 by Alan Myers, along with two sets of brothers from Kent and Akron, Ohio - the Mothersgaughs and the Casales. The band’s single “Whip It” rose to number 14 on the billboard chart in 1980. Devo has had various members through the years and has released nine studio albums.  

The name Devo developed from satirical art pieces created by Kent State students Gerald Casale and Bob Lewis in the 1960s, inspired by their concept of de-evolution – the idea that instead of continuing to evolve, mankind is actually regressing.

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