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Do It Right at Lunch

Do It Right at Lunch Cause Button Museum
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Do It Right at Lunch button back Cause Button Museum
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White button with red bubble letter text.  The image of a an smiling apple, with carrot hair, a bean nose and blueberry ears is in the middle of a clock face that is just about at noon is in the middle. 

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Gordon's Promotions Made in Canada

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“Do it Right at Lunch” was a slogan used for Novia Scotia’s Nutrition Week in 1981. March is now Canada’s annual Nutrition Month, which promotes the health and learning of the children and youth.

Nutrition Month originally began in the 1970’s as Nutrition Week in local communities, however, in 1981, these efforts were collaborated to create the first National Nutrition Week across Canada. By the end of the decade, the promotion became Nutrition Month. Continuiung each year, Dietitians of Canada chose the theme based on the current environment and input from members, such as the 1994 campaign “Nourish our Children’s future” or 2012’s “Get the real deal for your meal.”

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