Doctor Who at MOMI

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Text on Button Doctor Who at MOMI © BBC 1991
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Black text on a white background; a large black and pink illustrated Dalek takes up the majority of the space on the button.  

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The words 'Doctor Who at MOMI" along with niche references from The BBC show Doctor Who could be seen on billboards all over London. These billboards were promoting the “Behind the Sofa” exhibit at the Museum of Moving Images that opened in South Bank, London in 1991. The museum boasted the largest display of props and never-before-seen content which excited many long-time fans of the series. Museum-goers could see the actual Tardis used in the show, enter a life-sized Dalek and learn to operate it, and even glimpse at Krarg - a species from a never-aired episode. To commemorate the experience, BBC sold various merchandise including T-shirts, buttons, and mugs.

The exhibit stayed at the MOMI for a full year until the summer of 1992 when it was moved to the Exploratory Science Center in Bristol.


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