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Doctor Who is a science fiction television show that premiered on the BBC in 1963. The show aired until 1989, and was then relaunched in 2005. The show centers on the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through time and space with friends in his time-traveling ship the TARDIS. The Doctor does not die: instead, they are able to regenerate, taking on a new form and personality with each regeneration. Doctor Who is a major part of popular culture with a large cult following; members of the fandom are commonly referred to as “Whovians.”

The Doctor Who logo has gone through many iterations. In December of 1973, Bernard Lodge designed a new title sequence that features a specific logo in the shape of a diamond, informally referred to as the “Diamond Logo”. This logo ran from 1973-1980, and is commonly attributed to the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker. The “Diamond Logo” was revived in the 1980s and 1990s for video releases, the Virgin Missing Adventures books, and most tie-in publications and merchandising.


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