Don't Laugh Your Daughter Loves Me

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Text on Button Don't Laugh, Your Daughter Loves Me
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A white background with black text alongside an illustration of a man holding three flowers and wearing a blue jacket, a red and white striped tie, and green checkered pants.  

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"Don't Laugh, Your Daughter Loves Me" is a variant of the phrase teenagers of past scrawled on their old cars that may have needed a few repairs: “Don’t laugh, your daughter may be inside.” Some of the earliest occurrences of the phrase are in newspapers and prints from the 1930s. Though the expression has been more often used in the United States and Canada, it initially became popular in Australia. Its usage is generally meant as a reminder to onlookers that their opinions are of no importance and it is typically directed at those who wish to implement more traditional values onto others.


Tréguer, P. (n.d.). ‘Don’t laugh—your daughter may be inside.’

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