Don't Leave Chad Hanging

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Text on Button Don't leave Chad hanging. VOTE!
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Black line drawing illustration of a hangman over black text, all on a yellow background.

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A hanging chad is a fragment from a punch-card ballot paper which has not detached fully, resulting in an incomplete and therefore invalid ballot paper. Punch-card voting machines require voters to punch holes in their ballot papers in order to indicate their voting preferences. The small discarded fragment of paper is called a “chad”. "Hanging chads" result when ballot papers are not completely punched through and the small piece of paper or card prevents the ballot paper from being marked down as a definite vote for a particular candidate.

Hanging chads were partly responsible for the unusually high proportion of invalid votes recorded in Florida during the 2000 US Presidential election. As Chads weren’t completely punched through, many ballot papers recorded people voting for fewer than the minimum number of candidates required. The US invested heavily in electronic voting methods such as voting machines since this time to prevent further errors of this nature.

The game hangman is played between two or more people. One person thinks of a word to be written in and the other person(s) guesses letter by letter to fill in the word. If a person guesses correctly, the letter is filled in the blank. If a person guesses incorrectly, a portion of the hangman's body is drawn. When a complete man is drawn, the game is over and the person who thought of the initial word has won. When a word is fully writte, the game is over and the person who guessed has won.

This appears to be a campaign for a local school election candidate named Chad using a play on the phrase hanging chad, the game hangman/game over icon, and the phrase "Don't Leave Me Hanging" which implies actions should be taken to help someone.


Hanging Chad. (2017, September 17). 



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