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Dope is for dopes is a slogan created from a segment in the television series Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids Season 1, Episode 17. An excerpt from the episode description reads as follows: Franny Bates' brother Muggles gives him money and a number of material things that he shares with the gang, including a motorcycle that eventually gets wrecked by Fat Albert. He personally goes to Muggles to do what he can to pay for it. Muggles gives Albert a package to deliver, eventually learning it contains narcotic drugs after he gets apprehended by the police, who determine he didn't know about the drugs. Fat Albert agrees to help them catch Muggles and arrest him to stop his drug dealing. While Franny no longer acknowledges Fat Albert as a friend, the rest of the gang stick up for him, knowing he did the right thing to get illegal drugs off the streets.

Along with the popularity of the phrase, the show also provided a song with the same title, Dope is for Dopes.


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