Dos Equis Imported Beer

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Red and brown XX logo with black text on off white and aged tan background with green outline.

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Dos Equis kept the “XX” from the name of their first brew, Siglo XX, which was introduced in 1897 by Wilhelm Hasse, a German immigrant who had moved to Mexico to start the Moctezuma Brewery seven years prior. Although Dos Equis beer had been around since the 1890's, the company’s brews weren’t imported into the U.S. until 1983. Nearly two and a half decades later, Dos Equis was declared the fastest-growing import in the United States. Because Dos Equis became a popular import in the United States, advertising items are found in both Spanish and English. In 2011, the Dos Equis label was redesigned. On the new label, Moctezuma (the last leader of the Aztecs) is printed in shades of light brown facing forward to the future rather than to the left. Any Dos Equis images of Moctezuma facing to the left were printed prior to this design change.


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