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Drink a Dink

Drink a Dink Advertising Button Museum
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Drink a Dink button back Advertising Button Museum
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Drink a Dink!
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Green text on a white background with an outer yellow ring

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Dinkelacker-Schwaben Brau was founded in 1888 by Carl Dinkelacker in Stuttgart, Germany. A year later, the new brewery required over 30 horses and three railway carts to deliver their beer to their customers. In 1890, Dinkelacker became the first brewer in Stuttgart to use the Pilsner brewing method to brew a beer. Dinkelacker brews were introduced to the US at the 1964 New York World’s Fair in their own tavern. The phrase, “Drink a Dink,” was trademarked by the Dinkelacker-Schwaben Brau on July 7, 1965, and found its way onto memorabilia in the 1980s.


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