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Text on Button Drink Spur BIG BOTTLE 5c PLUS DEP.
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Spur Cola is one of many products produced by Canada Dry, which has been owned by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group since 2008. Spur Cola first appeared in 1948 after the Canada Dry Bottling Company opened in El Paso, Texas. Although the beverage is a cola-flavored, the word "cola" only appeared on the back labels of bottles. This button advertises the "big bottle", which may refer to Spur Cola being the first to offer a 12-ounce bottle, when Coke and Pepsi's largest size was still only 10 ounces. 

The Canada Dry brand first produced the Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale in 1904, and it became popular during the Prohibition Era as a mixer that helped to mask the taste of homemade liquor. The company expanded worldwide in the 1930's and has continued to produce a large number of products. 

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