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The 1980 National Convention for the U.S. Democratic Party was held from August 11 to August 14. Seeking a second term in office, President Jimmy Carter was once more the official Democratic nominee while Carter's Vice President, Walter Mondale, also received his nomination to continue on in his position. Though Carter was the incumbent president, his term was beleaguered by numerous issues, including a poor national economy as well as an unresolved hostage situation in Iran. Carter's chief rival for the nomination was Massachusetts Senator, Ted Kennedy. Brother to former President, John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy was seen by many as a natural leader for the future of the Democratic Party. Regardless, Kennedy was unsuccessful in his attempts and Carter managed to achieve the nomination.

“Dump Carter” was a movement started in 1978 in an effort to stop Carter from being re-elected. This movement was supported by the Kennedy campaign. The American Agricultural Movement (AAM) also heavily backed the “Dump Carter” movement as a result of the agricultural crisis in the late 1970s. These efforts along with others would lead to Carter’s loss in the election. Ronald Reagan would go on to be president.


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