Dusty the Chimney Sweep Good Luck

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Text on Button Dusty™ … a touch of Good Luck
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White text and illustration of chimney sweep on black background.

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CHIMNEY SWEEPS OF AMERICA, LTD. MEDINAH, IL 312-893-6066 1-800-327-9191 OPERATOR 715

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Dusty the Chimney Sweep was a children's book originally published in 1979 by Dee and David Stoll. The Stolls are both master chimney sweeps and married in 1978 on top of the Sears Tower. The picture book tells the story of Dusty the Chimney Sweep and his friend, Flicker Flame, who clean chimneys at Christmas time so that Santa Clause can deliver presents. The back cover is addressed from the Chimney Sweeps of America, who wish the reader "...a Touch of Good Luck!". This inscription is a reference to the superstition that shaking the hand of a chimney sweep will bring good fortune, in particular to a bride on her wedding day.


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