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Red background with white text. At the very bottom is a logo in the shape of the blade of a windmill with small white text next to it.

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The first Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant opened in 1945 along U.S 11 near Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The name Dutch Pantry was meant to suggest that every Pennsylvania Dutch home contained a pantry stocked with good food. The restaurant grew into a chain expanding across Pennsylvania and a few locations in Florida. The Dutch Pantry featured a standard design that reflected the food and atmosphere of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Buildings were colorful with roofs decorated in red and white tiles and a sign in the shape of a windmill. The interior contained two rustic dining rooms and a county store. They were also franchises of Kentucky Fried Chicken and featured the Colonel's chicken on the menu. In the 1970s, ownership changed with plans for the expansion of 300 restaurants. Unfortunately, by 1983, the chain was in steady decline, and development goals were never met.  By the 2000s, only a couple of Dutch Pantry Family Restaurants remained.

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