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Text on Button Elect DICK BIONDI CHICAGO '11 MAYOR
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Red, white and blue background with yellow and blue text and white stars and an brown illustration of buildings

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Richard “Dick” Biondi, also known as The Wild I-tralian, is an American Top 40 and Oldies DJ. He is best known for screaming delivery and his wild behavior, having been fired over 20 times for his temper and offensive jokes. Biondi has been a DJ on AM radio stations all over the United States since the 1950’s and has been based in Chicago since the 1980’s.

The “Dick Biondi for Mayor” movement began after a September 30th, 2010 episode of the Late Show with David Letterman. During a discussion of Rahm Emanuel’s announced run for Chicago mayor, Letterman began thinking of names of past Chicago Mayors, during which the Late Show bandleader Paul Shaffer shouted “Dick Biondi!” as a joke. The joke inspired a fan of Biondi to create the campaign button and the image was posted all over social media. Though Biondi had no plans to run for Mayor of Chicago the fan has opened a store for other “Dick Biondi for Mayor” items. 

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