Election '72 Green Duck

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Text on Button ELECTION '72 from GREEN DUCK
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White background divided into sections: the top has a blue union bug, the middle has blue text with red starred banners above and below, the bottom has green text with a green circular outline

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The Green Duck Metal Stamping Company was founded by George G. Greenburg and Harvey Ducgheisel in 1906 in Chicago, Illinois. They initially provided metal stamped medals, tokens, badges, and even casino chips, but also specialized in pinback buttons, advertising signs, and key tags.

The tab-style button was a Green Duck promotional product for "Election '72"—the 47th United States presidential election. In that election, the Republican incumbent president Richard Nixon and vice president Spiro Agnew faced off against Democratic nominee George McGovern and his running mate Sargent Shriver. Nixon won the election in a landslide victory with about 60% of the popular vote and was elected for his second term. However, his term was cut short in 1974 when he was forced to resign before facing impeachment for the Watergate scandal. 


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