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ERA Yes Blue and White

ERA Yes Blue and White Cause Button Museum
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ERA Yes Blue and White button back Cause Button Museum
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ERA yes
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Blue text on a white background

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In 1971, Rep. Martha Griffiths (D-Michigan) introduced the Equal Rights Amendment to the House of Representatives. The Amendment to the Constitution was to guarantee protection of Women from sex-based discrimination and successfully passed both houses of Congress, the Presidency, and was ratified by 35 of the necessary 38 states to achieve full passage. However, Phyllis Schlafy led a campaign to prevent ratification on the basis that the law unfairly treated housewives and could force women to be drafted into the armed forces. The Amendment had a specific deadline of 1979 but even with an extension until 1982 granted by a joint resolution in Congress the Amendment still failed to receive the necessary support for ratification. 

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