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Experience Cook County Hospital

Experience Cook County Hospital Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Experience Cook County Hospital back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Black background with a white circular logo in the center. The logo is made up of two circles, with two breaks in the bottom right corner. White text curls around the edge of the button, leaving the bottom left corner blank.

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Cook County Hospital dates back to 1832, when Chicago was a swampy, lakeside trading post with 400 inhabitants. The proliferation of cholera called for a temporary wooden structure—built to isolate indigent patients—and care was provided by students from Rush Medical School. Cook County Hospital’s first permanent building was built by the city of Chicago after the deadly cholera outbreaks of 1849 and 1854, and went on to serve as a groundbreaking teaching hospital until it became an army hospital during the Civil War. 

Since 2020, the former hospital has been used as a hotel and has been restored of a cost of over $1 billion dollars. 


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