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The "Amazing Alfredo" was an attraction at Marriott's Great America, now Six Flags Great America, in Gurnee, Illinois. The attraction had two locations, "Amazing Alfredo" in the County Fair area and an "Amazing Alfredeux" in Orleans Place area. The booth consisted of a person, "Alfredo", who would venture to guess the age (within two years or month within two birth months) or weight (within three pounds) of a customer for a small fee. If Alfredo failed to guess correctly, the customer would win a prize. There are several promotional items including buttons, mugs, ashtrays, etc., that let the user claim, "I fooled Alfredo at Marriott's Great America,"

Marriott's Great America was opened in 1976 in Gurnee, Illinois. The Marriott brand decided not to pursue theme parks and sought buyers after 6 years of operation. The theme park was acquired by the Six Flags Corporation in 1984. Six Flags Great America consistently ranks among the top amusement parks in America for its attendance.


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