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FATS is Beautiful

FATS is Beautiful Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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FATS is Beautiful back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum\
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Pink text with blue nuclear icon in negative space of A with blue and pink text on white background.

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FATS, Fast Analysis of Tape Surfaces, is a program that will function on any IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) computing device or IBM-compatible tape drive or virtual tape system (VTS) supported by the host z/OS system.

FATS certifies the usability of physical tapes, both new and old, by writing a pattern on the full length of the tape; this is equivalent to the function of hardware tape certifiers. This helps to avoid write data errors at application run time by identifying potentially defective tapes.

Innovation Data Processing, the creator of FATS, is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of non-disruptive mainframe z/OS and OS/390 business protection and storage management solutions, known for their ability to eliminate business downtime in mainframe and mixed mainframe S/390 Linux, Windows, UNIX and Linux, SAN, NAS and LAN enterprise storage environments, delivers exceptional reliability and prize-winning price/performance. The IDP alliance with EMC Development Partner, which began in 1991, continues to deliver a continuous stream of solutions that combine the overwhelming power of Symmetrix DMX Enterprise Storage with the robust functionality of Innovation Data Processing software.


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