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Faust Blend Coffee

Faust Blend Coffee Advertising Button Museum
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Faust Blend Coffee button back Advertising Button Museum
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Illustration of a person in a pink suite with cape, white boots and green shorts on a white background with black text

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Baldwin &Gleason Co., Ltd. NEW YORK BUTTONS BADGES PAT.  AUG 8 1899

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The C.F. Blanke Tea & Coffee Company was founded by Cyrus F. Blanke in St. Louis, Missouri and operated from 1889-1940. The mascot for the company was a devil based on a character in a German play, Faust, in which a devil tempts the main character with unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Ergo, the company trademarked a devil character to tempt consumers to purchase their rich coffee blends.

Source: The Antique Advertising Expert. (n.d.). The devil made me drink it! Faust Coffee stirs up temptation. Retrieved from

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