Feast Of Pirates

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Text on Button THE FEAST OF PIRATES AUG. 21, 22, 23, 1929
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Black and white illustration of a pirate with "THE FEAST" written in white text on his hat. "OF PIRATES" is written in black text underneath the pirate's head. Black and white illustration of a women in a bathing suit laying underneath the pirate's head with text "Wilmington NC" on her body. Black text below the woman on a white background

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The Feast of Pirates was a three day festival held on Wrightsville beach in the town of Wilmington, North Carolina during the late 1920s. Tourists from all over the region, as many as 28,000, traveled to the port city. They had the pleasure of watching historical reenactments, boat races, competitions, and various parades. The reenactments ranged from George Washington's ceremonious entrance into the city in 1791, to Blackbeard's march to City Hall. Excessive alcohol consumption and public drunkenness during the 1929 festival, however, caused concern for committee members and other city officials. Nevertheless, it was the Great Depression that put the final nail in the coffin for the Feast of Pirates. 

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