Festa Italiana Budweiser

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Text on Button FESTA ITALIANA-1985 Budweiser® KING OF BEERS®
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Green white and red semi-circle of Italian flag colors above red and green text. Lower half of button is illustration of red bowtie with white text. All on a white background.

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In the past few decades, Italian Americans have celebrated their heritage through community festivals. These festivals are held throughout the U.S. in major cities. Some examples are: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Festa Italiana commemorates Italian pride and focuses on food, wine, and music.

Budweiser is an American beer created by Adolphus Busch, a German immigrant, in the 19th century. Busch created a lighter, crisp beer than others on the market. He was the first person to pasteurize his beer, a process that would later become standard for other beverages like milk.


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