Flair Fi Fo Fum

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Text on Button I Love the Giant, Flair Fi Fo Fum
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Pink background with wrap around white bubble letter text that creates a border, with a line drawing of a man in the center.

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Flair Fi Fo Fum was a branch of Papermate's Flair pens, a felt-tip pen popular in the 1970s. Papermate had first introduced felt-tip pens to the United States in the 1960s after their invention by Yukio Horie, and because of their success began to expand their line a few years later. In the mid 1970s they released a series of wide felt-tip colored pens called Flair Fi Fo Fum, as a parody of the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk who says “Fee Fi Fo Fum”. In 1975 Papermate released television commercials, newspaper advertisements, and buttons featuring a giant saying “Flair Fi Fo Fum” to advertise the line. The pens have since gone out of circulation, but flair pens continue to be popular.

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