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Opened in May 1978 in Newcastle, England, by musician John Woods, Flip is a vintage clothing store that is most well-known for its imports of American vintage clothing. Woods opened the store upon returning to Newcastle following a breakup with his band, Vinegar Joe. Due to its variety of vintage items, the store was a popular destination in the area. Eventually, Woods established a business relationship with Paul Wolf, who owned a store named Flip at King's Road, London. As part of their deal, Woods changed the name of his store to Flip of Hollywood on the condition that it remained independent. As business continued to grow, Flip began to expand, with stores opening in New York, California, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

For a number of years, Flip remained a popular brand. Over time, however, business fell into decline until only the Flip in Newcastle remained open. Flip continues to serve the Newcastle area. John Woods's son was brought in to take over upon his father's retirement in 2011. He intends to continue running the store.

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