Ford Carter Undecided

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Text on Button Ford? Carter? Undecided
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Black and white text on a red, white, and blue background.

Curl Text Oct 76 N.G. SLATER CORP., N.Y.C. 11 AFL CIO LOCAL 64
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Designed for the undecided voters of the 1976 presidential election, this button underscores the derisiveness permeating the 1976 election. Voters had to choose between a relative unknown, a Democratic candidate from Georgia by the name of Jimmy Carter, or the seemingly awkward incumbent Gerald Ford. In the end, the American people chose Carter. His modest upbringing on a Georgia peanut farm, for many at least, had been a welcome change. The majority of Americans had simply become disillusioned with the perceived ruthlessness and callousness of Capital Hill insiders amidst the aftermath of Watergate.

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