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Red white and blue striped background with white text on the blue stripe and an illustration of a ford model T car on the top white and red stripes.

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In 1976 President Gerald Ford launched his first and only Presidential campaign. Ford, a politician from Nebraska, had originally been Vice President under Richard Nixon, having been appointed after Spiro Agnew’s resignation in 1973. After Nixon’s resignation in 1974, Ford became President, the only President in history who was not elected to either the vice presidency or the presidency. As President, Ford pardoned Nixon for any wrongdoing in the Watergate scandal, de-escalated the Cold War by signing the Helsinki Accords, and ended the Vietnam War. In 1976 Ford ran for the presidency, but was defeated by Jimmy Carter who was supported by voters who disagreed with Ford’s pardon of Nixon. Ford was awarded numerous accolades by subsequent presidents and stayed active in politics until his death in 2006.

The rebus on the button features a Model-T car, first created by Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company. Gerald Ford and Henry Ford were not related, since Gerald Ford's birth name was Leslie King, Jr.

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