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White text over a red outline of Australia in the center. Foster's Lager logo at the top of the button on a blue background. 

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Foster's Lager is a standard American Lager created by William and Ralph Foster in 1887. Despite it being an American style it was created in Australia, and today is sold internationally to over 150 countries making it the the #1 selling Australian beer. In 1972 Foster's signature 25.4 Oz cans were imported into the United States. Looking very similar to motor oil cans the beer quickly became known as "Foster's Oil Cans". 

Today Foster's produces two beers - Foster's Lager (5% ABV) and Foster's Premium Ale (5.5% ABV). The "Oil Can" size is still available, as are 12 oz bottles and 12 oz cans. In the United States there is a production facility in Fort Worth, Texas owned by Oil Can Breweries.

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