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The Chunky candy bar was first introduced in the 1930s. It was less of a candy bar and more of a block of chocolate. It was the creation of a New York City candy maker, Philip Silvershein whose ties with William Wrigley Jr., helped distribute the first Chunky bars.

According to legend the unique trapezoidal shape was arrived upon by Silvershein who after contemplating a pyramid shaped block of plaster, chopped off the top! The original recipe was simple: chocolate, cashews, raisins and Brazil nuts. The cashews and Brazil nuts were replaced by the less expensive, but still tasty, roasted peanut when Nestlé took over the brand in 1984. Since the original Chunky bar was a single trapezoid, this button was likely created after Nestle launched the shareable version: four joined trapezoids so you could break off a piece to share with friends.

The 1970s commercials showed a young boy eating one and claiming it was "Thicker-er." Another earlier one went straight to the point: "Chunky, What a Chunk of Chocolate." Enjoy some classic Chunky commercials:  Open wide for Chunky and When you say Chunky, you've said a mouthful.

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