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Fox Head Beers and Ale

Fox Head Beers and Ale Beer Button Museum
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Fox Head Beers and Ale button back Beer Button Museum
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I Drink Fox Head Beers & Ale because they're brewed with Waukesha Water
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Black text on a yellow background with an illustration of a fox's head in the middle.

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Fox Head Brewing originally began as Waukesha Imperial Spring Brewing Company in 1893. The brewery lasted through Prohibition, unlike many of the era and in the 1940s grew. During the 1940s, Fox Head would boast that its beverages were made with water from Waukesha, a city famous for its clean water. When Fox Head's brewmaster Albert Kirschstein committed suicide, the company was purchased by Fox Deluxe Beer Sales, Inc., who also owned Peter Fox Brewing Company. In 1958, Weber Waukesha merged with Fox Head, and four years later G. Heileman bought the merged operation and closed both plants. The closing of the plants has been attributed to the rumors of Chicago Mafia involvement with the industry.

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