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Black embossed image of a panther on a copper background with black text above and an outer red edge with gold text

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Frank Buck was a famous hunter, author, actor, and director of the San Diego Zoo. He collected and sold animals to zoos and circuses and co-authored a number of books about his adventures traveling the world.  He also starred in a number of films based off of these adventures that made him a celebrity. Bring ‘Em Back Alive was a bestselling book as well as a radio program of the same name that aired from October 30 - December 18, 1932.  The "Frank Buck’s Adventurers Club" was a collaboration between the Bring ‘Em Back Alive radio show and the Pepsodent toothpaste company - individuals could send in empty Pepsodent products in exchange for different prizes including buttons, rings, and other items branded Frank Buck’s Adventurers Club.


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