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Royal Blue background with the silhouette of Franklin County in light blue. The font is white with red edging. At the bottom are two flags, one American and the other the 4-H flag, with a princess tiara beneath them.

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The Franklin County Fair is held in late summer months in Hampton, Iowa. The fair has hosted 4-H competitions since 1942, though the first 4-H club activity in Hampton, Iowa, dates back to 1919. These clubs were originally girls clubs which were made up of sewing, bread making, and canning clubs. Boys 4-H clubs quickly followed in 1921; focused on livestock.

In 1942, the first 4-H competition hosted at the Franklin County Fair was focused around war needs. The boys and girls clubs both raised Victory Gardens and sold stamps and war bonds. The prizes also consisted of war stamps. The following year, the 4-H clubs hosted their first food stand in an effort to raise money for both their clubs. This would become a Franklin County Fair tradition. The 4-H clubs would go on to host many food stands to raise money for different 4-H causes.


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