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Franklin D. Roosevelt Black and White Portrait

Franklin D. Roosevelt Black and White Portrait Political Button Museum
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Franklin D. Roosevelt Black and White Portrait button back Political Button Museum
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Black and white photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt wearing a suit.

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This button was most likely manufactured in support of one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidential campaigns. A central figure in both early 20th century American and world history, FDR's leadership helped to define and shape an era for millions of Americans.

Domestically, FDR is most known for his 'New Deal' programs—a string of legislation and executive actions geared toward invigorating the economy and getting Americans back to work. Although historians and economists generally agree that the mobilization and build up to WWII brought an end to the Great Depression rather than the effects of the New Deal, the Keynesian ethos of the Roosevelt administration was very much embraced by the vast majority of Americans. The only president to be elected three consecutive times, FDR led a nation out of economic ruin and into WWII. Unfortunately, FDR did not live to see the final outcome of the war; he died a month before the Allied victory in Europe. FDR is consistently listed as one of the most popular presidents in American history, according to various polls.   

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