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Free Namibia

Free Namibia Cause Button Museum
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Free Namibia button back Cause Button Museum
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Free Namibia DMNA- LCA
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White button with black text and the image of Africa. Namibia is highlighted in red on the illustration. 

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Namibia was a former German territory (formerly named South West Africa) that was placed under South African control after the end of World War I. At the end of the Second World War, many indigenous people in Africa sought to gain independence from colonial powers. Freedom leaders in Namibia petitioned the United Nations to revoke the colonial power of South Africa, claiming that the South African government abused its power. In 1966, the U.N. revoked South African sovereignty over Namibia, yet South Africa refused to recognize this mandate. A series of guerilla attacks occurred between South African and Namibian forces. The Namibian War for Independence ended in 1988, with the help of Western intervention. Namibia held elections in 1990 and has maintained independence since then.

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