Frosty Morn for President

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Illustration of a pink pig wearing a hat on a white background with red text along the top and the bottom with a blue outer edge

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From the 1950s to the 1970s, Frosty Morn was a brand of breakfast sausages popular in the American South. To advertise their brand, in the 1960s the company released a series of buttons, radio jingles, television commercials with signs reading “Frosty Morn for President” and songs with lyrics like

“Our candidate has requested
we read this note he sent:
‘I'd rather be a Frosty Morn
Than be president'.”

Though the advertising campaign was a hit that many still remember, Frosty Morn closed in 1977, but has since been bought by a series of companies who continue to keep the brand's name alive today.

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