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Galleria Portland

Galleria Portland Advertising Button Museum
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Galleria Portland button back Advertising, Button Museum
Olds Wortman & King building 1910
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Six black overlapping semicircles with a diamond in the middle form a decorative background around the word "Galleria" with black text on the upper and lower edges on a silver background.

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The Galleria in Portland, Oregon, was the result of a remodel in the 1970s. The original building had been constructed in 1910 by Olds Wortman and King. It was the first department store to take up an entire city block in the Northwest. The building is located on the corners of Morrison, Alder, Tenth, and West Park streets. The store was taken over by the Schlessinger Company in 1925 and the building was remodeled with new window displays and interior enhancements to make the store resemble Chicago’s famous Marshall Field’s building. Department stores continued to utilize the space until the 1970s when the building was obtained by Bill and Sam Naito who then turned the large building into a mall. The newly renovated Galleria held 42 stores on three floors. As interest in malls diminished over the years, the building moved all of the retail onto the first floor and the Western Culinary Institute and restaurant moved into the upper floors. 

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