Gatorade Soft Drink With Muscle

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Red and white illustartion of a soda bottle with muscular arms and swirls on either side over black text on a yellow background

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Gatorade is a sports drink first developed in 1965 at the University of Florida and named for the University's sports teams, the Gators.  A team of scientists developed Gatorade to help the teams' athletes rehydrate after excessive sweating during sporting events. Gatorade's first advertisement came during the 1967 Orange Bowl, where the University of Florida defeated Georgia Tech. Florida's head coach, Ray Graves, stated that his team won due to the help of Gatorade.

Manufacturing rights for Gatorade were first sold in 1969 and are now owned by PepsiCo, who acquired them in 2002. PepsiCo distributes Gatorade worldwide and has expanded the product line to include drinks for both athletes and non-athletes.

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