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Photograph of a person sitting on the orange handrail of a set of green stairs in front of a building with brown siding and red trim. Text in red with white shadow at the top and bottom. 

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This house may be located in a coastal town in Gearhart, Oregon. A railroad was once connected between Astoria and Seaside, dating back to 1889. Astorians and Portlanders use the railroad to visit the seaside town as a pleasant place for wandering and picnicking. Over many decades, many visitors traveled to Gearhart by train for vacation, but residential growth exceeded commercial growth. To keep the beach’s natural beauty and to limit growth in town, the railroad service was discontinued. Some of the beachfront homes were passed down from generation to generation and remodeled and sold to other private parties. But Gearhart remains a beautiful place for visitors. This house may be one of the beachfront homes passed down and remodeled during Gearhart’s historical change. It is currently unknown whether this house still survives to this day.


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